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Friday, September 10, 2004

Thank God It's Friday!

The end of a very long week - I've started calling my job Six O'Clock Jail because I really feel like I'm doing time. I've been getting up at 4 am to be out the door and was facing two more weeks of it but I Whined And Pleaded and even did a little shifty suggesting about possible Greener Pastures (who am I kidding? This is a one horse town if I ever saw one!) and will be sprung early. I've only got to do two more 6am shifts and then I can come in at 7am. This was due partly because the reason for the 6 am is that's when the LPN shift does blood work and RNs have to know how. I DO know how so for the past 3 days I've been stabbing people right and left to get my little score card filled and finished my requirements for that and the only thing left is to put in an IV. I might have been able to get out of the last two shifts, but since they're making an exception I figured it wouldn't be wise to push my luck. Vincent the black cat is still with us, we've been allowing him in for longer and longer periods of time and he's put on quite a bit of weight, he actually has a  bit of a belly now. When he first appeared he was  this bony thing but I'm sure we'll be able to pork him up. We've got to make sure he won't hurt Mr. Lee or have her hiding under the bed from him. Claw of course is fair game since she hates us all anyhow. All you've got to say to her is "Where's Vincent?" and she starts hissing and spitting, such a sweet kitty, sigh. She bites us all the time, she'll let you pet her a couple of times and then SNAPSNAP. , we're very quick cat petters now. I can't figure out why we don't put her out for good, but I guess she's sort of like a nasty in-law, just one of those things in life you put up with.

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