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Saturday, September 18, 2004

Rain Rain Go Away

That's yet another picture I took of the inside of a gopher hole a few days ago - I find it fascinating for some reason. Jackson swears one of these days I'm going to get bitten but I have a feeling these tunnels must go on for quite awhile and I doubt the denizens of the underworld sit right at the entrance. Jackson's been feeding the horses apples right out of his hand so we can see them peeking over the stone wall in the evening looking for him. David usually loads him up with a pie pan full of cut up apples for them and he has an instant audience. David replaced the hot water heater yesterday, he was still in the process when I  got home which caused me to stomp up the stairs. After a full week of orientation followed by the prospect of crappy weather for the weekend I was in no mood for him to be playing with the plumbing. The rain's been cascading down all night and the t.v.s been blaring flash flood warnings all morning. We've got to go get our licenses this morning too in Troop so I might bring my bathing suit just in case! Vincent went out yesterday before it started raining so we haven't seen him all night, I'm sure he's holed up somewhere but I wish he was back here, after all he is our $65 investment now. I'd told David to put Claw out yesterday, not Vincent as she needs more exercise than to the food bowl and back. But he forgot and let Vincent out instead.

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