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Monday, May 16, 2005

All Good Things Must End

Yep, they're heading back  today so the Laying Around and Hanging With The Zoo is no longer on my list of Things To Do. Jackson will probably end up missing another day of school - David and I had a bit of a row about it yesterday but he refuses to even consider driving in rush hour so whatever. The sky was overcast yesterday but I decided to brave it and go walking anyhow. Bad decision making on my part. I stripped at the door when I got home - I was so wet from the downpour I was dripping and didn't want to mess up the floor. I find it sort of hilarious how relaxed you get when you have no neighbors.I showed the house twice yesterday -  RE called around 11:30am to tell me someone was coming at 3:30pm so I started cleaning a bit. I was upstairs mucking out the bathroom when there was a knock on the door at 12:15 - imagine my surprise to see an RE agent and clients! The dogs were still in the house so I wrestled them out and stuffed them in my car while they went in. Of course Charger had been caught offguard (when is he ever ON guard??) and had spewed a huge mouthful of chewed up dog food all over the previously clean kitchen floor. Lovely. I was more than annoyed at that point, not to mention the guy had a mullet so I'm a bit doubtful they could even afford our house. There's nothing more annoying that people that are just out for a Sunday drive. The second set was a pair of guys around my age - I was prepared by then and tied the dogs outside, put a clean bowl of water and gave them biscuits. Not good enough. So I sat outside with them while the RE took them on the grand tour. I don't think we'll get an offer from either set so I'm guessing this will just go on forever.

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