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Friday, May 13, 2005

Waiting For The Weekend

David and Jackson are heading out to LI today despite collapses in NYC and so forth. I cannot wait - the whole house to myself for the entire weekend!! I had my last official day at work the other night, no one thought too much of it since I'll be back on Monday. Of course the last night was just a mess, I always get the patients that are supposed to be going for a test but there always some proverbial fly in the ointment. The clerk dreads me getting the transfers because it's always a few hours of trying to get the patient gone and it never works out. And I had to speak firmly to the supervisor - there has to be some sort of work ettiquette about not asking someone who's resigned if they can come in Friday. Or Saturday. Or Sunday for that matter. It's bad enough I'm coming in for 3 days next week! I'm supposed to be packing this weekend and hopefully the house will get shown - I think it's supposed to be nice although it's pretty chilly this morning, in the low 30's. I guess it's the gym for me this morning

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