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Sunday, May 15, 2005


Yesterday was  busy, Janet and Diane were coming so I got up early to get my walk in and do some house cleaning before they got here. I decided to use the self cleaning function on the oven (for the 1st time) figuring I could clean the house while it worked.. I followed the directions on the stove and came back  half an hour later to a  hot smoking oven and the timer hadn't moved at all. I turned it off right away and then tried to open it. And tried again. I stopped the frantic tugging since previous experiences have resulted in my breaking the most expensive part of the appliance. I called Kim who knows Stuff About Stove Emergencies and apparently the stove is supposed to get real hot and do it for about 4 hours, not 20 minutes. I did leave it alone and she was right, after an hour or so it did release. Since we were on the phone anyhow we got to talking and then my other friend Liz called so the end result of my housecleaning frenzy was an hour messing with the stove (which I had self cleaned long enough to really REALLY bake the crap on tight) and ten minutes of vacuuming before my guests arrived. They accidentlly scared the crap out of Copper The Guard Dog and he had to go sit in the bedroom for awhile to calm down. They're my favorite type of guests though - they came bearing cheesecake from the Pocono Cheesecake Factory out in Tannersville. We had a nice time - I'd made a Greek Picnic Pie the night before so we had that for lunch and then headed out to the Burlington Coat Factory to shop. I got a set of scrubs for $12.99 and they got some good deals. They both declined the indoor flea market - despite my advice they apparently did not care about what they would be missing - how many times do you get to see a deactivated torpedo for sale? - so we did Borders instead - I didn't go to AC Moore's because the Moonlight Madness sale is tonight at 6pm (25% off everything!). We did the chinese buffett for dinner,exchanged birthday presents and then left after supper as Diane has homework and a test on Monday. I talked to David last night, he and Jackson are having a good time and he's going skeet shooting with his nephews today. My plan for today is to Lay Around And Watch TV.

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pengboo said...

I've done the exact same thing with the cleaning of the oven.  I was told about 2 months later that the stove won't open when its that hot as a safety feature.  I guess you don't think about that when you think the stove is going to burn itself up!

Love your journal!