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Saturday, May 7, 2005

Cheap Shot

This is one of Vincent's favorite activities, hiding and attacking the dogs, it is of course one of the dogs LEAST favorite activites. We have more lookers today, this time at 4 pm which means it's going to screw up our entire day. Ray is coming out for the weekend, but I have to work Saturday too. I couldn't get out of it, but was able to at least get the time changed from 7 - 7  to an 11 - 7 shift so I can do a little today. Ray's coming out  so David and Jackson will have someone to play with this weekend. I heard from the Sailor at 4 am this morning, he wanted me to check his account onliine as it was overdrawn. He was a bit surprised that I was A) sleeping and B)not parked in front of the computer with his account pulled up. I asked him what time it was in Japan and he's like "oh, it's 5 o'clock in the afternoon, why?"  I thought he might perhaps do the math but it went straight over his head. It's amazing no matter how far away they are or how old, they still seem to believe you have nothing going on but them. We then had a discussion on money management (i.e. - stop spending it) and the fact there is a lag between charging on your debit card and the posting of charges. That would take us to 4:30 am and me having the whole day and a half now stretching out in front of me. I've extended my resignation at work which is sort of fun in a commanding sort of way since I can dicate what I will - and will NOT work and they're glad I'm showing up at all. So I'll be doing Monday through Wednesday for the next two weeks and then David can run around on the weekends until we leave. As we get closer to the moving date I'm getting more excited and looking foward to walking around Morgantown. But we are going to be so busy here for the next two weeks too, packing and getting everything straightened away.

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