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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Let The Countdown Begin

Well, six more days and I'm out of here - hard to believe. We of course have lookers again today, this time between one and two, hopefully more towards one since Ray is here for the weekend. We've slowed down on the packing, the problem being that David and Jackson will be here for almost two weeks so I can't leave them with nothing to sit on. The bigger problems are the computer and washer and dryer and where should they be? David sold the boat, they're coming on Monday to pay and pick it up so he said we might just buy a washer/dryer down in WV - according to our RE agreement we're supposed to leave our set up here.Transporting them does pose a problem and Harry seems to feel that leaving them is a selling point. I started knitting a hat to match the sweater I made, this is actually the second hat. The first one got twisted in the beginning and since I'm knitting in the round was very unfixable. It turned out to be a good thing because once I took it off the circular needles I realized the only way it would ever fit Kim's head would be if I secretly hired Stephen to smack her in the noggin repeatedly so her head swelled to at least twice the size. I don't think she'd like that so I found another pattern and this one is turning out fine. David and I are trying to figure out the logistics of who takes what animals, he was thinking of taking Vincent with the dogs but I think two dogs, a cat and a litter pan in a truck just has too much of a potential for disaster. Not to mention Jackson will be riding shotgun with me so he's in charge of corralling the kitties. All I can think of is when David stops to walk the dogs and Vincent escaping. Not a  good thing.

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