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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Who Needs A Plate?

That's Jackson with his dinner the other night, David had the stomach virus so he didn't want any. Jackson doesn't even bother with a plate anymore - he just hauls the entire pizza box on his lap,remote in one hand and coke in the other and he's set for about 20 minutes. He'd also polished off an entire box of muffins earlier - for that he sits with a knife and tub of butter and slathers every square centimeter, cheerfully chatting away as if he's doing nothing. All I can think of is I would need a gastric bypass if I even ate like that for two weeks, but he's gained maybe a few pounds in the past month. He's very healthy looking though so we don't worry anymore like we did last year when he was going through that phase of being able to see every bone in his body - I think it just took awhile for his weight to catch up to his height. They arrived on LI yesterday, David is still upset about the Pancake Cottage thing - he's used to the prices here so he flipped out over the bill there. Two cheeseburgers, one fries, three cokes cost $21 - here and WV the same meal would cost about $8 to $10, free refills on the coke by the way. He's staying with his parents, his mom got tangled in the dog leash the other day she's she's all bruises, David was cooking dinner last night when I talked to him. Jackson is staying with my mom in theory, she was hunting his skinny self down around dinner time when I talked to her. Janet is coming out to visit me for the day today and I've been packing what I can. Of course after getting three boxes packed I realized I'd packed the knitting pattern I'm using so there was a bit of unpacking to be done!

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