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Thursday, May 19, 2005

A Glutton For Punishment

Claw and I seem to have the same problem - we don't know when to stay away.  Claw ALWAYS sits next to Jackson even though she secretly knows in her heart that he'll pick her up and make her do The Cat Dance which she HATES she still sits next to him. My last day at work was May 11th - which is what I tell everyone when they ask - but mysteriously enough I'm back on Monday and Tuesday which will be my REAL last day. It's just they're so short right now (any administration personel that holds an RN has been on the floor lately,even the head nurse and all the supervisors) they're constantly shifting nurses around and even that's not doing it. I was considering not volunteering but it's more money for me at least and  only two more shifts. The cats have been playing hard lately, Mr. Lee and Vincent seem to like the slip cover on the couch, one hides under it and the other attacks from above. It's hard for me to remember she's 15 years old! Ray is out again this weekend and I'm off for the whole thing which is supernice even if I shouldn't buy more yarn (and I suppose the sun won't be rising today!). I've been out walking the lake lately, if I walk around it it takes about an hour and this time of the year it's a beautiful walk. But it's getting a bit boring so I'll have to change my route a bit. I finally finished the sweater for Kim and am making a matching hat. It came out better than expected and as an added bonus will fit HER and not be like the last one which fit everyone in her family if they wore it -  together. Sizing is sort of an issue for me.

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