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Friday, May 27, 2005

Running For The Hills

Today's the day. I've decided not to send Jackson to school for two reasons: David doesn't want him to so we can leave early (that makes it all on David) and I overslept. I was dreaming I was going out with Kim for my 24th birthday and we were wearing WAY too much make-up. I think it had to do with the fact I was telling Jackson about the Scary Anns I'd known as a teenager and what amazing sluts they were and having chinese food didn't help. I've got plenty to do today, not mentioning keeping the cats in the house until we go, Vincent is attempting to be a sneak of course. David called this morning with the latest saga of the house - the gas tank we got such a good deal on is not the right one so he had to buy another one and this one he installed himself. After he got it in and the gas was turned on he discovered a small leak above the shutoff so he called the emergency number for the gas company. The gas guy called back and said "Hay gud buuddy....  Ahm an hour away from you, do ya think you could turn off the gas yurself at the meter, Ahl tell yeh how" which he did and then called back in half an hour to see how yeh makin out.... I figure he thought if there was no answer in half an hour then he could be like, "David? David who?". So we have hot water AND cable now. I suppose I have to get going, this will be my last update til the middle of June when the computer joins me in WV, we 're leaving it here for Jackson since he's not done with school. I am going to miss some things about here, after all we've been here for a year and this is "our" house, my bedroom, my deck, my stairs. There's a lot of comfort in having your things just so, but that will come again. And of course there's Ray, but that we'll work out. Oh, well - see on the flip side!

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