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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Time Is Running Out

I had my final last LAST day at work - no fanfare at all. Only a couple people bothered to say goodbye to me, to the rest I guess I'm chopped liver. David left with the Guard Dogs around 6 am so I had to drive Jackson to school. Of course that meant I had to give report to the nurse that greets all of her friends before sitting down to report, then they were doing construction on 191(why do I ALWAYS end up on the Stop side of the road??) so needless to say he was a bit late. He finally finished his report on gladiators last night, so he had to drag his enormous display board out with him, then couldn't find his phone...ARRGH - somedays I just feel like I'm running in reverse. I arrived home around 8:30 and just dragged about for awhile. I think between working and packing for the past few days I've completely run out of steam. The house is so different without the dogs, I keep getting this anxious feeling I need to let them out and then as I come down the stairs I remember they aren't here anymore. I let Vincent out but I think tomorrow they can go out in the morning and then in til we leave. Tomorrow I'll be cleaning up a bit, there's piles of stuff throughout the house punctuated by large empty spaces, it looks a bit like a squatter has taken up residence here. Jackson has his last dental appointment today. David called from WV around 12 to let me know he and the dogs had arrived and the dogs were ready to roam the range! I put up some of the old pictures of the house in case you missed them!

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