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Monday, May 9, 2005


Which stands for Thank God It's Monday - if you're in the medical field Monday is usually your Friday since most jobs you  work every other weekend. Ray was out of course, liked the nifty futon we set him up on and we had a fun weekend despite my working. David bought me flowers for mother's day and I got up at 2pm thinking we would be going out to dinner and  later David and Ray would be going to Romans' for a BBQ. David then told me WE were all going to Romans' around 3pm so I pouted for awhile and Ray joined in since eating at Roman's wasnt' on his agenda either. It was more fun than I thought it would be, Nadia cooks up a storm and you always think there's 40 more people coming. Roman made tons of marinated meat much to Jackson's delight and he even got to sneaky-poo a small glass of wine at dinner! We came home around 6pm I went to bed and got up at 8 pm and we had cake for David's birthday. The day before we did the Olive Garden - one of our personal favorites and shopped around a bit. We had to be back by 4pm for the Lookieloos who left a message because they'd been at the house at 3:30.  They loved the house but cant afford it, so not only were they at the house at the wrong time,, they were stupid to boot. I'm still working on the sweater, I only have to do the sleeves and the edging and it's done. It looked sort of big but I tried it on and it's just because I haven't sewn up the sides. I'm off to bed, I've got to work a 12 on Tues and an 8 on Wed - then I'm off for FOUR days, count em!

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