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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Almost Home!

I've been running around most of the day, getting the oil changed in my car, stopping and leaving a key at the RE, getting a change of address form,etc... I can't believe I have to be out of here by noon tomorrow already! Vincent is driving everyone crazy, he's beside himself and I'm sure he doesn't know why, he just is. The house has become a very depressing place, Jackson and I spent last evening watching The 100 Scariest Moments In Movies parked on my bed eating leftover pizza since there's no tv downstairs anymore and no where really to sit in any case. When the house gets to the point of really looking empty and most of your stuff is gone, you just feel so discombobulated all the time. We're going out to the chinese buffet tonight for dinner, one last time for me. Jackson hated the dentist yesterday  - since it was his last appt the dentist did EVERYTHING (he had some ridges from the braces all along his bottom teeth) so both sides of his face were numb. David called from WV this morning and has been steady mowing our considerable property, we have cable now but no gas as of yet. David made the appointment for between noon and 2 pm but arrived there at 12:20 and the gas guy had already come and gone. So he was waiting for him again today. He may be unwashed but he can at least watch tv. David thinks he'll be making at least two more trips back and forth, so I'm not worrying too much about our stuff. The RE said they have a big weekend coming up so keep your fingers crossed.

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