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Thursday, May 5, 2005

Speed Of Lightening

I got up at noon yesterday since I was off and the RE called to tell us we would have some lookers around 12:15. David and I can now make the entire house presentable in under 20 minutes without even blinking. They were just Lookie Loos though, nothing serious. Jackson had another dental appointment so I picked him up after school for that. He got his first shot of novacaine - no real cavities but he does have some ridges left from where the braces were. He didn't like the shot but did enjoy the effect and spent the entire trip to the supermarket grinning at me like a stroke victim and poking his face. He's still rather obsessed with the Rocky Horror Picture Show - I bought the soundtrack and he can now sing all the songs, including I'm Just A Sweet Transvestite, which of course delights David to no end. He eats like there's no tomorrow lately and of course stays the same skinny noodle boy he always is. He filled the shopping cart with a large variety of things that would make me swell like a blowfish if I ever attempted to eat them and then had a pizza for dinner. The whole thing as usual since David was working at the gym. We just let him eat, eat,eat, since he eats a lot of good things too and we've found if he eats any less he actually loses weight. Ray is coming out this weekend to visit which is good since it's David's birthday and I'm working for the whole weekend. I told them at work I would  do a few shifts past my resignatiion date - they're losing 3 nurses at once including me on the night shift and since we could use the money I volunteered but am sure I'll live to regret it. They always seem to interpret "a few extra shifts" as "working every shift until I drop dead from exhaustion". We have a definate plan in place - David will be going back to NY next weekend to drop stuff off, he has to do a little time in NJ fixing up Rays' place. On the 24th he's going to WV to get the rest of the utilities turned on and bring the next 3rd of stuff down, and will bring the dogs and Vincent. Jackson and I the last of the pets will follow on the 27th - it's a holiday weekend and Jackson has a half day Friday. They'll stay til Monday and then David and Jackson will come back to Pa for Jackson to finish school and I'll be WV (Yippee!!) cleaning the house (Boo!) and maybe doing a little "frog paddling" in my pool (haha)! They'll follow on the 11th of June and hopefully the house here will be sold by then.

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