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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Dinner's Ready!

Yesterday was absolutely wonderful and warm AND I was off for it. David had to work at the gym so I got to use the BBQ - everything came out fine but I think the sauce was dripping which made tons of smoke. The cats found it pretty amusing but I doubt the neighbors did. Oh well, we're moving so I dont' care. We had two people look at the boat yesterday but no takers so we may end up carting it to WV with us. I don't mind, but David is determined to get rid of it so I keep out of the whole thing. I have two more shifts at work - not including the extra - packing awaits. David and Jackson are going to LI this weekend so the plan is I'll be busy on my end but we all know most likely I'll be on the couch knitting and renting movies. Janet and Diane are coming just for Saturday and then I do my extra shifts Monday through Wednesday. Jackson is almost done with all his dental stuff, he's got his last appointment at the dentist today and then tommorrow goes to the orthodontist to get the lower retainer fixed that David stepped on. The whole retainer thing is somewhat Vincent-related but partially Jackson -related since he left it lying on the nightstand and Vicent is the one who swatted it off and then David stepped on it. I guess you might say it was a group effort.

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eternallife23 said...

I hate it when the barbecue does that. It looks like you are burning down the house.   *Louise*