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Monday, June 13, 2005

Call Of The Mild

Some take the not working on Sunday thing to new heights, don't they? We haven't let Claw or Vincent out yet, despite their numerous protests and attempts. Claw generally sticks close to the house (i.e. her food bowl) but there's so much woods and open land here if they wander away - that will be it I think. We didn't do too much yesterday - we let Jackson sleep in as he was exhausted. I went to church!! - yes me - I joined the Unitarian Church a few weeks ago and it's great. It's a small church that was established 1954 and has a very active membership. I've met quite a few people and found out the next time I get in the poison ivy to take a shower with Dawn dishwashing soap. Wish I'd know that LAST week - I'm quite covered at this point needless to say and if I could've crawled out of my skin yesterday I would've. We were going to go to Sam's Club but I told David to find out when the meeting was for the gun range - he had to attend to rejoin. He thought it was at night but when he called Cecil's house, his wife told David he was already down there and the meeting was at 3. David took my car (his truck is full of trash to be dumped off today)so Jackson and I watched Harry Potter and ate hot dogs(mine were vegetarian of course!), then went out and sat in the yard under the trees. Now that we're no longer looking at trash, it's a beautiful view! David had a good time at the range, got a lot of ribbing from everyone but they were all glad to see him back. The entire time we were in Pa David didn't shoot once and I know he missed it a great deal. The last picture today I took last week when I was driving around, anyone who grew up in the 70's will recognize that name. And for the record, Booberry  and Count Chocula must be buried somewhere else!

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