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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Who Let The Cows Out

When coming home yesterday the cows on rt 100 were out again, they seem to spend more time outside the pen than in. We're still in the midst of "stuff" that is never ending. I've got two interviews today, one for Fairmont and one for homecare, leaning more toward the homecare. The school thing with Jackson drags on. I spoke to University High and she said there was no point in enrolling him if I was going to transfer the next day so she called them and then me. Next week I call MHS and if he's accepted there then I can skip UHS - sounds good to me. I called his old high school and he passed everything and they'll be sending his grades along. Then he had to have a TB test because he left the state and came back so we went up to the walk in clinic and had that done. The pool thing is quickly turning into a mess, we have it almost filled and left the water off last night so it didn't get overfilled and found it about two inches lower this morning, we have a leak and about 25,000 gallons to go. So we will be forced to call Those That Like Our Checkbook. I found the number of the company  the former owners had used and the first thing they wanted to know was where they were since there was an extremely large bill with thier name on it. Seems Mr. Minister skipped out on the bill they'd been trying to collect on for the past 2 or 3 years. The company had gotten out of the pool service gig a year ago so we have to find someone else, but hopefully we can at least get a year out of this liner before we have to get a new one.

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