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Monday, June 20, 2005

Green Green Go Away

Honestly, the greeny part looks way worse in real life. David hasn't done that side yet but will be doing it later on this summer. He did the garage because the window needed to be replaced pronto and that's the most visable part of the house. We did a bit of driving around yesterday and found there are a host of back roads that run along side of the highway but go on for miles before you can get back on. Everything is beautiful this time of year, completely green and overgrown. Jackson had a great time at Marcus's so we'll have to invite him over in the next week or so. I'd like to wait til we get the pool done though, we have another foot to go water wise and then we'll be ready to fire it up. I'm a bit scared though since we are waiting for The Third Thing. I havent been able to find a job and then yesterday afternoon Harry from Pa called to tell us the people that have our house under contract were denied a mortgage so we're back on the market AGAIN. This is the FOURTH time we've sold the house and had it fall through, I can't take too much more of this especially with my job situation, sleep doesn't come too easily these days. So now we wait for the 3rd bad thing to happen. Hopefully it will be a little quicker and less painless than the last two. And on a happier note, the last two pictures are of Mr. Lee who doesn't seem to realize she's 15 and was playing hard with the foil balls we bought her. And of course that silly baby blanket she's so fond of, she'll sleep where ever you put it so at the moment we have it on the back of the couch in front of the window. The problem is that everyone else would like a turn on the baby blanket so she's fairly vigilant to plant herself on it before anyone else can (Vincent!).

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