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Saturday, June 18, 2005

The Street Where You Live

Jackson was a major Mr. Crabbypants yesterday, he was invited to Becky's house but wasn't sure what time and didn't want to call her from the car,etc....the whole thing boils down to Potential Embarrassment. I did dump him off around 1-ish and then went into Morgantown to walk about and take pictures. Also to do some food shopping - this is an excellent place to be a vegetarian. The 1st picture is the chinese grocery which is in the back of a building. It looks terrible from the outside, doesn't it? But it's a great store and they have everything you need. The 2nd picture is the Mountain People Co-Op which is run by the local Back To Nature crew, no one wears make-up or leather, they have a huge selection of tofu,soy,etc and a lot of trendy "natural" stuff which is fun to look at. I've discovered  that any hygiene products they sell, you end up smelling like dope or like you're covering up the fact you smell like dope. I actually ran into some I know!! in town which was very fun - that's the first time that's happened. On the job front I called the home care agency just to see and found they pay only a dollar less than the local hospitals plus benefits so I think I may be giving that a go. And I have no idea what happened at Mon General, I called 3 times and emailed and never got any response.I would've liked to worked there, but on the other hand it might be nice to work under not so stressful conditions all the time.  Jackson had a good time at Becky's, her parents took them out to dinner and I picked him up around 10pm. David doesn't like me taking route 100 at night, but I ignore him because I LOVE rt 100 - it's all hairpin turns, one lane bridges, bars, coal mining, up and down, and (bonus!)shaves about 5 miles off my trip. Jackson and I pulled off the road one night and turned out the headlights to see what "dark" really looks like. It was pretty cool. And the last two pictures are of my current project of course!

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stormie4851 said...

I think that rte 100 is the one my ex and I were on one nite in his 18 wheeler, I smoked a pack of cigs (not any more) in a few miles, lol.............Stormie