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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I Owe My Soul To The Company Store

Did I say we live near the coal mines? We do! I took pictures of one, not sure what the equipment is, at least not all of it. It's along the river, Jackson and I saw them loading the huge barges one day. At night you can hear the hum of equipement all the way to our house. You can't go in the mines though - there's all sorts of silly DANGER, NO TRESSPASSING, etc signs so it's not possible to go frolicking about in the shafts. Yesterday I took Jackson to the mall in Bridgeport to Hot Topic where we purchased one pair of shorts. $48 shorts I might add. They're worth every penny though - they have metal rings and chains and loops - and go down to his shins. He was thrilled. We did lunch and came home to a Grumpy Person in the living room who was wrestling with the fax machine and the Morgantown High School people. Turned out we had to get Jackson's transfer paperwork in TODAY. So we got back in the car and down to the central building where we filled it out and handed it back in. Then I was told I have to enroll Jackson pronto to University since you can't transfer out of a school that you're not in. That would be today's project. David continues to paint the house, he just needs to reside one more greeny section to make it look really decent. It's pouring this morning so the greeny section will have to wait. The pool is almost filled, we have another inch to go and then we'll be firing it up, cross your fingers the equipement still works. I can't wait to dump chemicals in it as we're still fending off the frogs.I let Vincent out for a few minutes yesterday but then brought him back in. The big problem is the baby birds in the breezeway, they're starting to flutter in a delicious way so the cats might have to wait on any adventures they have.

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jarhead03115811 said...

That is the Prep/Loading plant in Maidsville, WV area.  My Dad worked for Humphrey (Consolidated Coal Co.) Mine.  One comment though.  The "silly" signs you speak of, keep mindless people out so that they nor their children will get hurt.  Just think of the tragedy at Sago when 11 people were stuck under the earth and lost their lives.  Also, there is the 9 survivors at Quecreek.  These should be pretty good indicatios of what would happen if you went "frolicking" about in the shafts.