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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Ho. Hum.

Things are quieting down a bit, David finished cleaning out the pool - I offered to help but due to my disorder - Terminal Klutz - he declined. The bottom was grosser than you can imagine - David took a trash can and literally shoveled out the sludge in the bottom, it  had the consistancy of pudding. Green stinky pudding. We started refilling it last night, this morning there's enough water to paddle around in the deep end. We figure it's going to take a few days and we just leave the water running into it at night. David and I did errands, ordered checks and ATM cards, etc, got home around 2:30 in time for me to get back in the car with Jackson and go to pick up Becky since it's her turn to visit us. I went to Poppa Johns for pizza and tried to pay with a hundred dollar bill which was all I had. They didn't have enough change(which I found very odd, they're a pretty busy place in town). Then I gave her my credit card, she couldnt edit, got the manager and the upshot was I got FREE pizzas!! Whoo hoo. When I was younger I used to feel guilty about the occasional accidental free stuff, like I was taking something I didn't deserve. Now that I'm older I realize freebies are pretty far and few between so grab em while you can! We had yet another fast thunderstorm, they only last about 10 minutes but are rather fierce. I had the dogs out in the front field and Copper was getting panicky, as we might not have time to run and hide under the kitchen counter. Rin Tin Tin he is not.

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