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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Way Out

David left for NJ this morning dragging his feet all the way out to the truck. He's made so many trips back and forth I think the idea of driving the 400 miles to Rays' just wears him out thinking about it. He'll be stopping in Pa to get the rest of our stuff and also talk to the RE. The house hasn't sold yet so I think we're going to have to look into renting it for the year and then put it back on the market next spring. The pool continues to leak, we're down about 6 inches from Sunday - we havent' been able to run the pump but the chemicals are keeping the water for now so I'll leave it be. Still no word from the home care agency, I'm beginning to feel like I have the plague. I did finally hear from Mon Gen - they declined to interview me further because of my frequent moves from hospital to hospital. Great. I have an interview for a doctor's office this morning and I'm getting paperwork from the travel nurse agency. You don't have to really travel if you dont' want to and the pay is spectacular - with benefits - so it's worth checking it out. Becky was over yesterday and there were no further incidents, Jackson continues to torment her of course. When we got in the car to drive her home he told her to put on her seat belt - just in case of an ACCIDENT..... His finger is swollen of course and hurts, but not too bad. This morning turn of events was we are being infested by milipedes of all things. It's just in one part of the house and honestly, they aren't overly creepy looking so I'll just vacuum them up and see if there isn't anything I can put down. The problem here with insecticides is the zoo which seems to be drawn to an posionous substance I put down and no matter how carefully I hide it, they seem to be able to sniff it out. Of course on the other hand if one of them DOES manage to eat the poison that will be one less mouth to feed so it could be a win win situation.

PS!! Just got off the phone with MHS - Jackson was approved and will be attending Morgantown High School in the fall!

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