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Sunday, June 26, 2005

The Hot Spot

It's amazing that the signs for this place are bigger than the actual establishment - "The Hot Spot" is a single wide trailer with an Open sign by the door. David and I have not gone in there yet. The Hot Spot is some sort of franchise around here, you see them all over the place in a variety of building so apparently anyone can have one. The businesses on rt 19 and100 are interesting to say the least. David has been hacking at the trees again, they're way overgrown and were blocking a lot of the sun to the house. I think he got a bit overenthused with the one in the middle which I didn't photogragh as he'll end in Tree Jail for assault. We packed Jackson in the car after that and took route 19 all the way to Fairmont - we've been taking the road less travelled lately as you see all sorts of interesting things that way. We stopped at a home based nursery and lucked out on a last day 75% off sale and got a bunch of plants for the backyard- $18 filled the whole back of my car. The pictures of the bridge I took in Fairmont, people were launching boats and swimming in the river. We did Sam's club and then came home. The pool water is still a tiny bit cloudy but  much better - I convinced Jackson to come in which he argued with me at first and then came in with me and David. And just for the record, he was the last one out of the pool. David and I decided we're going to let the pool leak for today and tomorrow so we can figure out where it is - we wanted to give it a few days for the chemicals to work and not have to deal with the green stuff. The next rehab is the slide which desparately needs to be refinished. Jackson did try it and skidded down and stopped dead at the bottom - OUCH.


monponsett said...

I don't even have external genitalia, and I winced at the thought of going down a slide and being physically stopped by sudden tension applied to your lap.

First time visitor here, so I don't know all the names yet....but for the sake of all that's holy, I hope Jackson is a neutered cat.

fisherkristina said...

Cool photos and an interesting read.  
I found you through Scalzi's assignment where we chose our favorite entry for the past year.  If you are interested in mine, it is about my husband and his recent diagnosis of bone marrow cancer.  You can check it out here: