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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Things That Go Sump In The Night

I'd forgotten how different storms are here, one minute it's blue skies and the next it's like night time. I managed to get a picture of the thunderstorm lines blowing in, they were running  the I-79 corridor at  50 miles an hour. By the time I got home the wind was howling and the rain was coming down in buckets. I called David because the sump pump wasn't pumping but he said it had to get higher, so I stopped worrying until the power blew out. Hmmm. Of course I had no flashlight, so I had to make due with the tea lights left over from christmas and a candle Jackson made in the 5th grade when the wick drifted to one side....I got power back around 2 am - I'd forgotten to turn off everything so the TV was on, etc... ANYHOW, I've been here by myself for the past two weeks with the zoo. The first week went fast, unpacking, cleaning - apparently the former owners were not familiar with things such as a "mop" or "bathroom cleaner" and worst of all, were unable to find the dump so they utilized the yard. David has called them several times as they were supposed to get rid of all the trash and just left it for us and the neighbors. They're not returning phone calls of course.It's ALOT and big stuff - fridge, furniture, etc.  I took care of the house hold trash and we're just going to truck it out a little at a time. David and Jackson arrived yesterday - there's one more small load in PA, but he has to go back to help Ray with his house and will get it then. I'm a bit worse for wear - sunburned, bugbites, poison ivy, some fairly significant bruising, but it just gives me character. I had one job interview, but haven't heard anything as of yet so will be applying to Fairmont Gen. Hospital. Jackson's in good spirits, he helped David unpack and then went to the movies with his friend Marcus to see Star Wars last night. I'll probably be writing alot to catch up, but for now it's off to the trash heaps.

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