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Sunday, June 19, 2005

How Green Is My Valley....

....but the better question is How Orange Is My Water?! Near the coal mining the water is orange for some reason and it looks very bizarre. Nobody seems to mind it though and it does look very pretty with all the greenery. I took a picture of the bird's nest in our breezeway but I had to do it quick so its not that great of a shot. David mowed some paths through one of the front penned areas and the dogs love it, they can spend hours snuffling around and pointing bunnies. David talked to one of our neighbors yesterday, she said the previous owners had only been here for 3 years and seemed to think they were sitting on a gold mine. They were originally asking  well over $200,000, she thought they were nuts. I think it was less of a gold mine than a trash heap! David's still removing their "improvements" and it turns out the reason the pool looked like that was because they thought it was too expensive to run it. Don't you think you would've drained it at least?? We're still messing with it by the way, we're not sure if we have a leak or the liner is stretching because the water looks lower this morning (we left the water off overnight). We'll start filling this morning and then if it continues we'll have to call in the pool guy. Jackson is over Marcus's at the moment, he was invited to sleep over last night - we barely see him anymore since we moved back. David's residing the rest of the lime green parts of the house outside, AS MUCH AS WE LOVE THAT COLOR. It goes so well with the red trim. Ha. And people think I have bad taste!

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