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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Everyone Needs A Hobby

 Vincent's  big hobby is sleeping which he does quite well and anywhere. The pool continues to leak, but remains fairly clear so I think we can hang in there a few more days. David thinks it will go down another 4 or 5 inches and then stop there. When we moved in it was low, but not empty so we can hope! All of the frogs are pretty much gone (during the day at least) but we have one very stubborn frog that I've been evicting daily and back he comes. Yesterday after the 4rth eviction I confess to a tiny bit of Frog Abuse and  did indeed shake him like a Polaroid Picture, but just a little. As you can see from the picture no frogs were harmed. Sigh. I posted the latest pictures of the house, when David finishes it's going to be really nice - the style fits the house much better than the green,red and white I think. Of course that would be true of anything green, red and white. With the exception of the italian flag. Jackson's finger was less swollen yesterday, he went to Becky's and she no longer kicks him, now she slaps him. It's her turn to come over here today and then I think Marcus will be visiting on the weekend. My job hunting continues, I won't hear about the doctor's office until 2 weeks from now so I have that on the back burner, next week I'll hear about the agency job, I have an interview on friday at Fairmont and hopefully the paperwork for the travel job will be in the mail. We had a huge thunderstorm last night, We had a lightening strike in the yard which made everything like daylight, Copper was having a fit and tailing everyone around the house. The last picture is the singlewide down the road who's front yard is right on route 100. All of the trailers on this road are kept neat beyond belief - a lot of yard competion going on. That trailers' front yard has a shed, pool, trampoline and driveway all in about 75 yards of space! I heard from David this morning, he's busy at Ray's and they're having a good time. He was going to try to get back to LI this weekend but remembered it was 4rth of July so has decided not to. The traffic will be horrific to put it mildly especially with the 4rth landing on the weekend. He's going to get our stuff in Pa and then will be home Monday or Tuesday.

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