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Monday, June 27, 2005

No, that is not a gang sign............

It's what your finger looks like if Becky is over and your parents have gone out for ONLY HALF AN HOUR and you're horsing around and Becky lands a perfect kick on your hand. This is what we came home to - David and I just ran down the road after dropping Becky off to buy him some t shirts and they were supposed to be swimming. So David drove Becky home and I took Jackson to the ER. After the XRay determined it wasn't broken the MD relocated it - no painkillers as she said the digital blocker actually hurts more to get than the relocation procedure which took about 30 seconds. He's got to wear the splint for a few days but other than that, he's fine. He came home and called Becky to let her know the doctor could do nothing for him and he was given 3 months to live. Then he told her they amputated. She's coming back over today since they're visit was cut short and hopefully everyone will keep thier feet to themselves. As far as the pool is concerned we ran it for a long time yesterday and now we're letting it  leak to see where we need to patch. The way things have been going lately, I'm sure it's on the bottom. David heads off for NJ for the week tomorrow and I have massive amounts of phone calling and so forth to do this week. I'm supposed to hear about the visit nurse job today, keep your fingers crossed for me. Church was good yesterday, they're considering the minister who spoke a couple of weeks ago but seemed to feel she mentioned god too much in her topic so everyone is up in the air about her. I've been meeting people there, there's one woman in particular that I have alot in common with  - it would be nice to have someone to hang around with.I think I might start volunteering once I get this job thing settled. The church does a lot of community services and has a big habitat for humanity project coming up and they also help run the soup kitchen.

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