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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Trash Day!

Remember I said these people left trash? I took pictures while we were cleaning it up yesterday. Just for the record, Jackson stated loudly several times this was NOT the way he'd envisioned spending his summer.Since we had the UHaul trailer we're keeping it a couple extra days to finish hauling a major portion of it to the dump. The trailer is 6 x 12 and we've filled it twice, plus the entire back of David's truck. My opinion of these people is pretty low, since they had handicapped foster kids there was a ton of medical supplies, just wasted. They left household trash, dirty diapers, boxes and boxes of clothes that obviously could've been donated had they not been left out in the rain, broken furniture, etc... We worked on the yard for about 6 or 7 hours straight yesterday just hauling garbage from every corner, but it already looks 100% better. And I'm sure since we got rid of that huge pile by the fence the neighbors will like us better. We'll be unpacking for the rest of the summer I think, Jackson has moved into the basement for the time being. His future bedroom is the worst and will be the first major overhaul done, probably in the fall. Until then I'd wanted him to move into one of the upstairs bedrooms bur David ok'd his subterranean digs so he quick ran all of his stuff down there. He lives in the corner of it (it's a pretty sizable area), David gave him an old couch and will be running a cable line down there in the next week. I was a little concerned about dampness but we'll just get a dehumidifier. Things in the house are going a bit better, I thought we had roaches but on closer inspection they've turned out to be woodroaches which are ok. They ARE roaches, but don't breed in the house and tend to bumble in. They like light and you see them during the day - I'd seen a couple roaches and panicked but the last one I caught squeezing in the screen during the day and have seen no evidence of any others. We have a bird's nest in the breezeway but we're going to leave it alone, I don't know who's more interested in the future baby birds - Jackson or the cats. Mr. Lee looks at the nest like it's a tray of appetizers at a party.The last picture today is a bar down the road from us, Judi's - it took me a couple of drives by it before I realized it's open. I don't know if it's as upscale as Willy's Bar and Lounge, but I'll let you know

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