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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Everybody Out Of The Pool!

Yesterday wasn't  great for me, I STILL haven't heard from Mon General so I'm thinking they aren't going to hire me. I'll call once more but I guess it's time to move on. We did major food shopping and when we got back found Charger had knocked Vincent's bowl to the floor and it shattered in a million pieces. I cleaned up while they brought in all the groceries but must've missed a piece so now in addition to the cuts, bruises, sun burn, and poison ivy, I'm limping. It's not too deep, but down the middle of the ball of my foot which makes it very painful. We also rented a pump since this week's project is the pool. Most of the frogs were gone, except for one tiny one and the Big One. David and I scrubbed as it drained, but the worst is still left, all the sludge concentrated in the very bottom so I'm planning on being Faint and Slightly Feverish today to get out of that duty. We caught the big frog and I put him in a bucket with an old dishpan on top so I could bring him down to the stream on Rt 100 when I went to pick up Jackson. He was over visiting Becky so around 9 pm I left - I heard a noise from the bucket (which I'd wedged in the front), but frogs do jump around so I didn't think much of it. I pulled over a little down the road, got the bucket, walked to the creek.....there was no frog in the bucket. Hmm.I checked again and swirled the water this way and that - no frog. City Wide Panic ensued. I DID NOT FIND IT. I'm thinking that when I walked down to the creek I'd left the door open so hopefully he jumped out. It made the ride to Becky's a bit stressful though, believe me. Here is the really stupid part - if I had thought about it ALL the other frogs have left and obviously have gone somewhere so all I really had to do was kick him out. Now I've got to worry about  sudden frog  attacks  while driving or even worse, what if it crawled in my dashboard and dies?? Only me. Becky is coming to visit us today and Jackson's informed me she'll need a ride, I hope she doesn't mind the Frog Mobile...

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