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Friday, December 2, 2005

Back In Business

Arrgh! We were told by Best Buy our computer would probably be done by Monday - "worst case scenario Thursday" - worst case scenario it is. When I called on Tuesday they'd finished some of it but I was told that "now we have to battle spyware and viruses and it depends on how much of fight they give us" as if we were talking knights and dragons, I guess they're not called the "geek squad" for nothing. So here are the belated Thanksgiving pictures and the last one is of Copper modeling the latest project I've started. It's another poncho since I'm on a sweater break. The zoo did ok while we were gone, they seemed to be fine with the free-range kennel concept except Charger apparently didn't do well at night and ended up sleeping in the owner's Aunt's bed. She also came and fed the cats while we were gone so everyone was was a little upset, but nothing too bad. Kim, Stephen, Celia, Lorenzo and Loki the dog arrived on Saturday to visit. Loki is supposed to be an italian greyhound but is more like a mix between a pirhana and Collin Farrell (he kept insisting on humping everyone's butt). Eventually he calmed down much to Copper's relief. I made two stews for dinner, vegetarian and beef and we had a really good - but way too short time - visiting and catching up. And no, I didn't get any pictures, I meant to but never got around to it.  They left for Boston at 4:30 the next morning and after that we just did stuff. Work continues to get crazy - we've been picking up new patients right and left. I ended up missing class last night - I had an admission who's address is about 3 miles from me so I should have been done early. I got no answer at her house so I finally called the place that had discharged her and - oops! - did they forget to tell me she was staying with her brother - 40 MILES AWAY? They also sort of forgot to tell me she needed labs which meant I had to drive all the way back to Morgantown to drop them off. Consequently I didn't get home til 6:30 and there was no way I was going to drive to Fairmont and be almost 2 hours late for a 3 hour class. I hope this straightens out soon is all I can say.

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