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Monday, January 23, 2006

Back From Sunny Pennsylvania, Where All Your Dreams Come True.

We left around 3 pm on Friday - I took a few hours of personal time from work, but Jackson can't afford to miss any classes as we might do stuff in the spring so we got there about 7:30. We had to run in the house as there is apparently a feral mole lurking about, eyeballing the Colonial Christmas Fruit Wreath which is still hanging over the door. If they're going by WV ettiquette, that bad boy doesnt' have to come down til August. We got up early to go to the bookstore at Diane's college but it was closed so Janet and Jackson entertained themselves by writing notes for the prayer box. If it goes well, there should be some heavy duty praying going on that the bookstore will be open Saturdays. After that we went to the Exton Mall so Jackson could see the wares at Singular and then headed off to Lancaster so I could harass the amish. They are VERY mean to thier horses I have to say, they should wear black the same color as thier evil little hearts. Of course Jackson wears all black too - but he's very nice to horses, he just wants to look cool. We were there til Sunday - I didn't buy any yarn - not for lack of trying - BUT I did buy Knitting Related stuff which maybe I will take a picture of and you can all be VERY jealous.Jackson got a cool phone that he paid for himself (pretty much) and Aunt Janet contributed a few of the extras, including the Star Wars Theme song for the ring-tone. The ride home was nice, good weather and I finally got a good picture of the Cumberland Water Gap and that bizarre church in WV on I-68 that's in the shape of a light house. It's not as strange as the Safety Church Of Jesus which apparently ran out of funds for the reproduction of Noah's Ark years ago. Now it's nothing but a sad structure of rusty crossbeams. Makes you wonder what they were thinking.


mosie1944 said...

As usual, great pictures.  I think your pictures are my favorites in J-Land!

mamareef said...

Oh-my-God!!!!  I have been driving past those two churches (the lighthouse and the ark) for at least 25 years....everytime Stephen and I went to Ohio to see my Grandmother and then later, my parents!  
I keep forgetting to read your blog and am glad I thought of it this morning....I love it!
Really Girlfriend, you got a book here!  You definitely have a book!!!!!!
I'll be calling you today....IT'S PRINCE SPAGHETTI DAY!  AAAAAANTHONY!!!!!!!