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Saturday, January 7, 2006

Look Who's Feeling Better!

Copper is feeling better at the moment, but yesterday morning was right back where he started. David started giving him the phenobarbital the vet recommended - it's not that expensive and at his age we no longer worry about long term liver damage, if it keeps him comfortable it's worth a try. If it helps, fine if not I think we'll have to put him to sleep, as much as we love and will miss him, I can't stand to see him suffer. But, so far this morning he's been back to his old self, so we'll leave it at that. They were certainly a wakeful bunch last night. Copper was up and whining about 1 am to go out, I wonder if it was a side effect of the medication as he was back at the door around 4:30am. In between Copper's trips to the powder room  Vincent decided that would be a good time to bounce all over our bed, purring and leaping about the blankets and pillows until David rather rudely asked him to leave and go play elsewhere. I still have no goats, David has not relented as of yet, I am goat-less. I suppose I should be realistic, the barn still needs plenty of repair and isn't ready for any animals yet and the fence would have to be repaired and reinforced. Someone told me you have to stake the goats out anyhow, that a fence won't work. Maybe that's why our neighbor down the road has his goat tied to the back door. I've been taking pictures as usual of the old buildings around here, I find them fascinating - the old stonework foundation, the detailing, etc. Around here nothing is ever razed, it just sort of melts slowly back into the ground, eventuallly collapsing and turning to dust. On one hand it makes me sad, all I can think of how much these old antique houses would be worth on Long Island - can you imagine?? But on the other hand I love looking at these old falling down buildings, with vines growing out the windows and the old woodwork pulling away. Although I've discovered you have to be careful - some of these dilapidated houses are NOT abandoned and the occupants don't appreciate a new yawker standing in their yard taking pictures.

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