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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Life Goes On.

I'm feeling a little bit better, not much. I'm starting to put away Copper's things, I still have the blanket on the floor by my bed yet. I've tried to put in it the wash several times and just end up bringing it back. We've started looking for a vizsla puppy - after a brief fit of trying to get one here yesterday we realized we were trying to fill the void at any cost and would probably be sorry somewhere down the road. Since we'll have this dog for awhile we're trying to take a deep breath and be rational about it. So we have ourselves out there and have contacted Vizsla clubs and they're looking for us. Jackson has midterms this week (what great timing is that) so he's been studying and test taking. This of course entails more time with Becky to "study". Hmmm. If they were getting a grade in making out, they would get an A. It's her birthday this weekend too so that's all a washout. We're heading to my sister and Diane's next weekend so we can see how the other half lives and maybe get some shopping in. I have to work today since it's my weekend on call -eeww. But on the upside, both jobs are near my favorite yarn shops so whatever extra I make this weekend will be money well spent!! It's raining today, yesterday was in the 70's  and sunny, I had to keep reminding myself it's January and this weather probably won't stay. I can't believe how mild it's been. Yesterday I went for a little adventure and have promised myself I will no longer attempt anymore short cuts off of Snake Hill Rd. My GPS claimed I could take Mayfield Rd to Rt 7 - which techincally you CAN - if you drive 3 miles an hour with frequent stops for fits of hysteria. You would think after last week's episode of almost submerging my car I would know better. Mayfield starts out like a country road, very nice, very nice - cows, barns, etc. But then it takes a sinister twist and becomes a few steps below a path in the woods. The picture I took doesn't do it justice. There were boulders in the road, mud pits, piles of rocks, drop offs - if you're wondering why I didn't turn around it was simply because I couldn't. And this went on for about the longest 3 miles I've ever been on. Some people never learn.

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