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Monday, January 9, 2006

Crazy Cat

Mr. Lee even at the grand age of 16 still refuses to grow up. She has fits of playing, suddenly darting  and rolling around to beat the band. She can also be very easily agitated, just a few pokes can set her off. She most enjoys the laser light we have for her, she knows we keep it in the basket on the coffee table and will often park her butt right next to it after dinner. The neighbor's dogs were up in the driveway - I told David he's a turncoat for playing with them. He gives them the occasional biscuit so now they come to visit at least once a day, if not more. It give the Two Stupid Dogs something to do though since now they have to "guard" thier territory. This consists of them peeing all over and growling at each other (they don't growl at the interlopers as that would be too dangerous).Jackson is getting ready for midterms, they will be starting on Friday of this week and he also has Becky's birthday coming up on the 15th so he's a busy boy. Yesterday afternoon I got David to agree to set things on fire - we have a big pile of brush in the backyard. It was a big disappointment I must admit. David said it probably isnt' dry enough and wood doesn't burn that well without help anyhow. I think we mainly just burned off all the dried up leaves - even the kerosene didn't help that much and after awhile I just soaked it down with water. Now instead of having a big brush pile, we have a wet, kerosene-stinky half burned pile of brush with a big burn spot in the lawn. Dammit.

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