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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

King Of The Road

January is turning out to be the most expensive month - I hope!! - of the year. We had David's tires, my tires, my brakes, vet bills for both Copper and Charger, Copper's subsequent demise and creamation, the left over bills of Christmas and today my car got a new water pump, timing belt, hoses and valves - it was running fine but has reached the point of maintenence. The timing belt on a Honda is supposed to be replaced at 65,000 miles - the bad thing about a Honda is if the timing belt goes the engine goes "ka-put" and since I'm in the 90's we felt it prudent to replace it. We dropped it off this morning - David took Jackson to school first and then we drove it over to Mt Morris. I've been not moving around too much when I'm not working because my stinkin' back is out again. I have no idea why and it doesn't matter anyhow - it wouldn't hurt any less. So I've been doing battle with Mr. Lee over the heating pad, she would dearly love one of her own, but in lieu of that is more than happy to hop on mine everytime I get up. When I go to remove her she digs her tiny claws into it which in my opinion might be a problem. I'm not sure what would happen if she clawed anything live and have no intentions of finding out so I have to resort to either glaring at her or pretending it's dinner time. Jackson is over Becky's today and is supposed to be staying at Brandon's this weekend at Cheat Lake. I'm on call this weekend, it's kind of annoying but I get paid for all the calls I go out on so there is that. We've recieved a few pictures from the breeder that we'll be getting the puppy from - if all goes well since I know from previous experience there's always plenty of room for disaster! I think once we get it and it gets a little older it'll be good for Charger - poor thing sits on our bed and howls while we're gone (he can't hear us come in and doesn't stop til he sees us). Since David and I are both working during the day and with Copper gone, I think he's beyond lonely sometimes. I still miss Copper so much, even though I'm very much looking foward to a puppy - I think I would, given the choice, just have my old friend back.

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