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Tuesday, January 3, 2006

I'd Like The Old Year Back Please.

Arrgh, where do I start? First of all, this new year sucks so far and it's not even Wednesday. New Year Day started off with terrible weather, I did finally make it to church which was rather disorganized. Someone had forgotten to turn on the heat and then they forgot the programs...The speaker was very sweet, but ran over since she got a late start,... When I got home I noticed Copper wasn't acting like himself, he was quiet which never happens unless he's sleeping. By night he had gotten progressively worse, refusing to eat and could only take a few steps before collapsing. Of course this would be Sunday night too on top of everything. He didn't appear to be in pain so we put him next to our bed on a blanket. In the morning he was better but I got an appointment for the vet. MEANWHILE, my car that is now the proud owner of $500 worth of tires started making a funky noise around 5-ish when we headed off to the vet's. This does not bode well as I have about 120 miles of driving to do today. Copper of course perked up for the vet but they did bloodwork and then we went to pick up Jackson. They called when I got home and it seems Copper is anemic, the vet said it might be just his age OR he could have a leaky spleen so he has to go back for X-rays and then we'll work from there. David has been referring to him as The Dog With A Price On His Head. This morning Jackson goes back to school, David is going to find a car rental place, I'm doing my first job, meeting David at the garage so they can look at my car, renting a car and getting on the road and then David is heading off to work.  And at some point the x-ray has to be scheduled. Sigh, it's going to be a long year.

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