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Friday, January 20, 2006

Half A Day To Go!

I've been trying hard not to spend money all week, saving it to blow it on Amish things. Jackson was supposed to have packed his stuff last night but when I went downstairs to wake him up I saw nothing. He very slyly asked me to go back upstairs for a few minutes so he could "think about it". Hmm. I haven't packed either, but I'll be home by noon -ish and have plenty of time to do that, barring Great Incidents. David will be on his own this weekend and I know he talked to Cecil yesterday so I'm sure he'll be spending time down at the range. He's calling the woman with the puppies, he told me she said she would send a contract but I've pointed out we only sent the check on Monday (which was a holiday to boot) so we might want to calm down a bit. It's hard not to get jump the gun when you're on the waiting end of things. The temp is supposed to be in the mid 50's again today, this is the strangest weather. I had one job yesterday that they were working on the road - and I use the term "road" very loosely - so I had to hike a bit to get to the house. There are somedays as I find myself carefully stepping on what looks solid that I find my job a bit strange.

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