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Monday, January 30, 2006

When The Wind Blows

The big disadvantage of living on a hill in WV is the occasional high wind - there's nothing to block it and it seems to get gusty like this right after a heavy rain. We keep an eye on the trees, the one in the picture is "only" about 15 feet but the ones in the background are huge and tower over the house. Since it's just clay tethering the trees to the ground when it gets in the right conditions, over they go.  Today was definately a Monday type of day, just one big problem right after another. I could've cried by noon and seriously considered it by 1. I have quite a few infusions this week and with all the problems, I couldn't get ahold of anyone to save my life - it did straighten itself out eventually, but what a chore! I posted the latest pictures of the puppies - the breeder sends them out each week, they're starting to look like dogs, aren't they? I still go back and forth between being excited by the new dog and overwhelmed by the puppything and still missing Copper. It's funny how you get so used to the way things are and don't even notice until they change. Charger is just more quiet, always where we are when we're home. I worry about how he'll feel when we get the new dog and if it'll hurt his feelings or if he's just a dog and doesn't give a hoot unless it interfers with his meal. I can't believe I miss Copper this much, it is the strangest thing.

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acarter00 said...

What color collar is you puppy??