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Monday, May 1, 2006

Happy Birthday

My birthday was this weekend, I am turned Very Old. The plan was my Mom and Amy were coming to visit for a few days and would be leaving Tuesday. They made very good time - they left LI around 9 am and got here around 6pm - I always think it takes longer but David has pointed out that because we usually have the truck and have to take a different route. On Saturday David suggested we go to Bob Evans for brunch - it was actually to surprise me with Janet and Di! I was so shocked I dont' think I've ever been so surprised in my whole life. We had a great weekend, we went out to the Boston Beanery for my dinner and had beanwiches. When we got back we had cake but when I leaned over to blow the candles out I caught my hair on fire. I usually have it up and didnt' even think about it. Mom put me out which I have to say was quite kind of her. Yestereday we did a little shopping and Janet and Di headed back to Pa - they'll be back this summer to do the tour of the Moundsville Prison but not until July. As much as fun as we had, I wish we had gone when it was warmer - touring a steel and stone structure in November with no heat is never a good idea. Today we're going to Pricketts Fort out in Fairmont and then shopping in Bridgeport - Amy is over 6 months pregnant right now so Big Hikes are sort of out for the moment. I'm off until Wednesday morning and then no more vacation days for awhile I'm sad to say.

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