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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Buckwheat, Food Of The Gods.

We're headed off to to the Buckwheat Festival this morning, some of us more reluctantly that others - but as long as I'm happy who cares? Jackson will be lent my car which I'm a bit nervous about as we will be out in Kingwood while he's back here in town doing heaven knows what in the CRV but the weekend is the only time he has to drive and we all have cell phones. We did get in touch with the pool guy but he's overwhelmed this time of year so it'll be a few weeks more before it gets closed up for the winter. Since the leaves have started falling they all seem to head for my pool, I'm actually cleaning it more now that I did all summer. Pearl is still using it though, she runs around the yard til she gets all hot and then flings herself in the pool, paddles around and then gets back to the business of Rubber Frog Fetching which she takes very seriously. David took her to Ricki's for the day this week and she'll be doing another day this coming week. Ricki had her out in the main drag but she was freaking a bit so Miss Pants got taken in the house with the other two vizslas and did better there. Maybe Pearl is just a Dog Snob. Pearl was also entertaining the neighbors the other night, they were out in the lower acres scouting out - David told them they could hunt the deer down there - and I put Pearline in the house so I could say hello. She was up there barking her head off and then stopped which I was grateful for until I saw her little red self hurtling across the yard straight towards the neighbors.Since she had time to kill she spent it figuring out how to open the screen door in her desperation to Visit With The Neighbors.Not to mention being  very serious about her hostessing duties and will not be thwarted.  Much to my surprise she behaved herself and of course since they are hunters and she is a hunting dog everyone got along. I am ALMOST done with the dentist, dammit. I got to my appointment and was told there was an emergency so I had to wait almost an hour. Then the tooth he was working on turned out to be way more difficult than he had anticipated and then the part he had to make took longer, plus he was doing another patient at the same time - and the whole upshot was I ended up being at the dentist for 3 hours. So I had to make another appointment to have the impressions made for the partial I'm getting for the back and then I will be done. Forever. Or at least 6 months which ever comes first.

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bookncoffee said...

Have fun at the festival....sorry about the loooong dentist appointment....good grief.