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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Lay About

It's almost 8 o'clock and I've already thought about cleaning the house twice. As to wheather I'll actually do it is a mystery to us all. David said there's a bunch of exercise bikes in the local bulletin so I suppose I'll be checking that out, he said he will NOT buy another one until I look at it. And I have to do something, since the weather has gotten cooler (inspiring pie eating and so forth) and I'm not swimming in the evening anymore my weight has been creeping up pound by pound. Jackson is heading over to Becky's today, I would prefer he go tomorrow but he was giving me all sorts of static so I said FINE and I'll have to think of something else to do. We have to stop by the pool guy's store as we cannot get ahold of him - if we can't today I'll have to find someone else to close the pool. I am now completely sick of cleaning and maintaining a pool I cannot swim in - after Sept starts the water temp takes a nosedive and stays there. We had briefly considered closing it ourselves but I'm afraid we'll do something wrong and burst the pipework over the winter or something. And we are getting too close to the finish line for that to happen. I'm still working on the Shawl That Will Follow Me To My Grave, I think I have about 50 more rows to do and I'm done. That doesn't sound like a lot until you realize each row now has almost 600 stitches and will have more than that in a few more rounds. I have to sneak an order out to Knitpicks this morning, I'm like an addict I admit it, just one more order and then I'll stop.... but they keep coming up with such good - and cheap! - products. I mean honestly - lace weight wool for $3 a skein? Pinch me! That's another task I have to do is go through all of my knitting stuff, the stash has grown to the point I'm not sure what I have in there anymore. And it's overflowed from Grandma's dresser to the guest room closet. And the basket. And the drawer in the entertainment center.... you get the idea. Sigh, the burden I carry............

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