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Sunday, September 9, 2007

The Scary Side Of The Street

Well, Jackson and Becky are excited. Jackson asked me last night if he could take the car today - to take Becky to an afternoon movie. First off, you need to realize my Powers Of Supreme Being have been significantly reduced due to the Bumper Car Incidents -  I'm in no position to lecture on safe driving and so forth since I obviously am not capable of that behavior myself. Jackson is a  safe driver and this will be thier first date in which there are no adult participants so I had to say yes. I did make him ask Becky's parents if it was alright with them and it is, so now I have to worry about TWO of them - arrgh!! In other news my shawl is moving right along and I have the next project plotted out, not to mention I've been doing a bit of yarn related shopping. My order from Knitpicks has still not arrived and I'm already plotting my next order in a devious way since there is only so much I can sneak into the house at one time. Heavy is my burden. Pearl and I continue to play in the pool daily, the weather has once again turned our yard into an Easybake oven, I don't how Pearl stands to race around like that all day. The nights have a little bit of chill to them lately and I've been thinking of my winter clothes, I think I should probably take my coats to the cleaner now instead of waiting for it to get cold - that's what I usually do and then I can't take them because, well - I'm wearing them of course. I've also started rummaging through old magazines and belongings, I cleaned up the family room yesterday and did the dining room last week. Instead of tackling the whole house at once I'm trying to do it a bit at at a time but the problem is once I head off to the next area, the first area starts to slide back into Previous Behaviors. I suppose my only options are to either move everyone out or make everyone stay in one area.

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