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Saturday, September 1, 2007

What's For Dinner?

I've been trying to find something to feed the Boy People for supper - this time of year the idea of anything "good" - lasanga, turkey, stew, is too time intensive and too heavy for August. On the other hand even though I don't eat meat I am VERY tired of the roster -hamburger, chicken, hot dogs, speghetti - repeat as needed. Part of the problem is time - I get home around 5:30 - if I'm lucky - so most nights it needs to be pretty fast. I made Hamburger Helper the other night but they stopped at McDonalds so they had to have it as left over. David called me on the road just to let me know he had reheated the Hamburger Helper. Then he looked in his bowl, he looked in Pearl's bowl and stated he thought the dog had the better deal and pitched it in the trash and they had peanut butter. So tonight I broke and used my own personal stock of Iron Chef orange sauce glaze with ginger. Anyone not familar with this substance - it is the BEST stuff in the universe. I swear you could stir fry garbage with it and it would taste good. So I stir fried chicken with vegetables and brown rice -two rather despised things for the Boy Team -and they loved it. Jackson didn't state he loved it, he said it was "okay" and "edible", but considering he was eating like a refugee that just hit dry land I took that with a grain of salt. Of course now they know what Iron Chef Orange sauce tastes like which means I'll have to share once in awhile, hadn't thought that one through. In other news I did two admissions today, had a heck of a time getting from point A to point B as Pittsburgh is in town for the first game of the season and it's the usual mayhem. And everyone is dressed in thier Tacky Best. Jackson is a tad pouty as he can't take the car out this weekend with traffic being such a mess and so many out of towners - I saw license plates from Ohio, NC, Michigan, New York, etc and most of them are lost. David is almost done with the pool, I can't tell you how great it looks but I'll be taking pictures tomorrow!

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bookncoffee said...

Well, we'll have to check out that Iron Chef sauce.  Hubby loooooves the Iron Chef.  He's probably already used it.  LOL