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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Is It Fall Yet?

You would think it is - after all we had our first day of fall, yada yada. The weather however, would not agree with you as it's zipped back up to the 80's and even 90's at times. Gone are thoughts of down and leather, my shorts remain in the dresser, my flipflops will have to hang on a few more weeks. The only sign of changing seasons is the pool is A) too cold to swim in and B) full of leaves every morning. I guess it gives me something to do while Pearline zips around like a lunatic. Pearl is having an adventure tomorrow - we're planning on traisping to Janet and Diane's for Adam's birthday - this will be the first birthday we get to spend with him in 5 years, can you believe that? However Pearl The Pest has never spent a night away from her queen sized bed with the comforter and the pillows she sneakies up on when we are asleep. ( I was looking at dog beds in Sam's Club and David came up behind me and demanded to know who was going to sleep on THAT - he then announced there was no point at looking at them as he didn't think he would fit on it...). So rather than freak her out we decided to have her give it a go at Rickie Anderson's Doggie Daycare so she can see how the other half lives. Rickie has Vizsla of her own and also has an enrollee that she claims is more spoiled than Pearl the Girl - we'll see who wins that contest. In other news, Jackson went to the interview and found they will not hire him as all the positions available are for 18 and over - I think someone didn't look at  his birthdate close enough. He was a bit disappointed but will survive. I'm awaiting another package from Knitpicks ( I swear it's the last! Really!), I got the email yesterday that it had been shipped out so I can start hanging out by the mailbox Monday I think. I ordered some more of these -

Even though I swore I wouldn't. The Buckwheat Festival is this weekend so that will take care of my Saturday and Sunday will find me (hopefully) on the sofa knitting and watching Junk-O-La televison.


bookncoffee said...

yes, summer refuses to die.  LOL

lizzardweiss said...

Summer lingers on LI. I don't mind too much as it means less money spent on heating oil.

VERY cool knitting needles. They are so cool, I want to take up knitting.