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Saturday, September 15, 2007

What A Day

Friday started out well, I had four patients that I know and had called them the night before to set up times and I had all thier paperwork in order. The game plan was to see the first 3, go to the office to finish up paperwork, and then see the furthest one out on the way home. The best laid plans of mice and men - my cell went off at 8:10 - one of my peds had critical labs from the previous night and the oncall had been unable to find the family. So an hour and a half later and 6 phone calls negotiating between two hospitals my patient was on the way to being readmitted and I got to cry in my car - kids can be a little hard on you sometimes. The office had called my first patient to let them know I would be late and then I stopped in at the office on the way through to patient # 2 as I had forgotten supplies for patient #3 - it was almost 11 by then. By the time I got to patient #4 I was whupped - and he was being so cantankerous on the phone I had to laugh - I headed out right after he slammed the phone down. Then I got to stand on a porch negotiating AGAIN, but in the rain this time.On my way home it had let up and that was when I stopped and took a better look at that silly graveyard. It's hilarious as every piece of kitsh known to man exists in that cemetery. When I got home Ray and Jean were here, David had gone to pick up Jackson and took Pearl with him so we got to say hello without an overexcited vizsla in the mix. We went out to dinner at Ruby Tuesdays and didn't get home until eight, we just went to eat as I think they were both tired from thier long drive. I have no idea what we're doing today, but I'm sure it involves shopping!

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mosie1944 said...

Oh good grief!  Isn't it amazing how some people deal with their grief and memories?  Those plastic flowers are the worst.

You do indeed live in a beautiful part of the country.