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Monday, September 3, 2007

Happy Labor Day!

 I got a call first thing yesterday morning and ended up driving over 120 miles round trip for one visit - that would be the downside of having to cover both offices when you're on call. The upside however is getting to see the little towns and places I don't usually get to see and better yet, having the time to do it. I also got to stop in at AC Moores but didn't buy anything. Right now my next obsession will be sock knitting right after the green top with the leaves knitted right into the pattern, and the hat, and oh, oh! that lace pattern sweater I marked in one of my books.... I either need to win the lottery or get therapy- maybe K.A. - Knitter's Anonymous? Anyhoo, AC Moore only had one type of sock yarn which I didn't like and no sock knitting books so I made out my order for KnitPicks and will be sending that off tomorrow. I was in the pool yesterday of course, as was Pearl the Squirrel and the beloved frog toy which she can fetch until your arm falls off. Jackson spent most of the day yesterday helping David and watching bad science fiction movies. he also took David's truck up to apply for more jobs, David would like to kill him as he waited until AFTER all the college students came back which makes it way harder to get anything. I couldn't believe David let him take the truck out with all the out of towners lurking about but he did ok - although he did tell me he was a bit overwhelmed by all the traffic. Today he'll be going to Becky's and I'll be doing one visit - I've worked everyday this holiday weekend. David went to measure a garage in Fairmont yesterday but for some reason that required bringing two guns and plenty of shells and a call to Cecil, his gun range buddy. Hmm.

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kath1996 said...

Hi Julia, I knit my socks on 2 circular needles, no more dealing with double pointed needles falling out and slowing the wheels of progress.  Also with 2 circular needles you don't get ladders going up the sides of the socks (although you could call them a design element lol)  I LOVE knitting socks.