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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Getting There, Slowly

It's very hard to take pictures of some things and make them look like they do in real life. Yesterday I hooked up another 60" cable and knit halfway around so I could stretch out the shawl and get an idea of how big it is and what it really looks like. Most are a little fuzzy but you can see the pattern. I think it'll be bigger after I block it and I have the pins to do it. Not much going on yesterday, Jackson went to Becky's as expected - David and I deposited a bunch of checks which added up to more than I thought it would. We did the bookstore(s) of course and then back home. I did do a (tiny) bit of cleaning just so I would look good and then David and I proceeded to have a little arguement about what we are doing after we hopefully sell the house. I'm open to all possibilities but his big problem with me is that I LIKE West Virginia. Sorry, can't help it. I told him that makes no difference because I like other places too and when you get down to it my main requirements are a place to run Pearl The Pest and no neighbors within peeking distance. As I get older I truely realize I am a happy little hermit, my dog and my knitting needles make a good day for me. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my friends and (some) family but people being nearby would make me crazy. And after we sell this place I'm sure I will miss it and cry, but life will go on as it usually does. I just told David he needs to carefully consider where he can live - and be happy. Moving - even down the road - is such a big undertaking that after this I don't want to do it again. David is busy plotting out the final renovations of this place, I can see the carpeting is going to be the biggest annoyance - since David will also be pulling the giant bolts out of the ceiling from the overhead hoyer lift he took down when we moved here and then the ceilings will have to be repaired. He has Jackson's bathroom almost done though which made Jackson's week.

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