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Saturday, September 8, 2007

I Wish Fall Were In The Air

The tempeture is supposed to go down to the high 80's - big whoop. It's hard remembering that it is almost fall, it feels like summer will be here forever. I know I'm tired of it - I'm even getting a bit disenchanted with the pool! The leaves and other flotsem are finding thier way to my pool so I spend twice as much time skimming it out then swimming in it.I was in Michael's yesterday and they had all the Halloween stuff out but how can you get in the mood for that when everyone is running around in shorts and tee shirts? I always feel like there should be this clear weather marker - that on September 1st the temp should drop down, the coats should comeout and the BBQ retired until next year. It never works like that, does it? The summer clothes and winter stay in transition around here until October or so, because the minute you put the shorts up it gets hot again and you're  stuck in a turtleneck and jeans dying of the heat.  David and I are going to be looking for an exercise bicycle for me this weekend - I'm still using the treadmill but have had to cut way back on it's use. I have a repetition injury to my right foot and if I overdo it, it gets very painful. I figure if I get an exercise bike I can alternate which would be less boring anyhow. I did consider getting a bike for outside but the coal truck thing is a bit scary and there are no real shoulders on route 100. Work has been alright, I am for the first time in months caught up on my paperwork! My new Arch Enemy is Navinet - a stupid creation of the insurance company. They've come up with computer program in which you plug in the information to ask for authorization to do visits. I had to call Tammy at the Uniontown office to negate my way through screens and windows - after a couple of tries I was able to get it in - and accepted. So I check yesterday and it's still pending after two days. So I called Tammy and she said that was normal, it could take up to a week and a half (or more!) before I heard anything, no, you can't call at all either. Please keep in mind the companies I call (which is 99.9% of them) authorization takes between 5 minutes and 24 hours. This is not good since I have to go see the patient next week without auth most likely - Tammy said they've had to do that too - it just sounds like a bunch of crap to me. I'm still waiting for my order from KnitPicks which I mailed off 6 days ago, I suppose I should stop waiting for it daily. You know what they say about awatched pot.....

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mosie1944 said...

FINALLY, fall IS in the air here.  Temperature this morning is 62.  Finally.