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Friday, September 7, 2007

Is It Friday Already?

We've had to leave the big umbrella up all week -there is a persistant little bat that has been calling it home and  we needed him to find another place to roost. I didn't object to him using the umbrella, I did however object to him pooping all over the deck which he seemed to do with great abandon. This week has been slow, not much going on. Adam has a job and is starting on Monday and has completed his first english assignment - he's found he really likes college. Jackson has NOT found a job so I think we may have to light a little fire under him. I got a letter from my insurance company about the fact they settled with my last bumper car incident - $2800 personal property damage but I was thankful she didn't go for the gold like the last two shysters. Just thinking about those frauds makes me mad - and it makes me madder that my insurance company paid it out. David has been helping a friend this week vinyl side his house, he's had a few small jobs but is trying to work on our house and get it ready for spring while he has the chance. I think he's helping Cecil just for a little change of pace and to relax. We have to call the pool guy next, I can't believe we're already heading into the second week of Sept. The pool is more than swimmable still, but you can feel the change in the weather so I think it may hold out to the end of Sept, but not much beyond that. I do have a solar cover but I have to say what I've discovered is it keeps the top of the water very warm - but keeps the bottom freezing!!

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