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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

That's How I Roll

As I get older, it takes a bit more to get me excited or upset. Today was one of those days where the whole thing just seesawed back and forth and I just teetertottered along with the best of them. I got some (guarded) good news about one of  my peds patients, not out of the woods but at least is heading for a metaphorical path out. Of course then there was the other visit which involved Trained Medical Staff so that was not good. I got back to the office and finished up my calls, then headed home to finish up paperwork under the trees with Pearl.  I called David to let him know I could pick up Jackson today and the phone rang right before I left - it was Sam's Club looking to interview Jackson. There was a huge accident in Granville which was surprising as I didn't think they had enough room for anything huge (you can pretty much spit across it) -once again I was in a nest of Trained Medical Staff so I turned around out of that traffic jam and headed to town so I could sit in another jam. When I finally got Jackson I remembered today was one of the last days for Senior pictures and he hadn't worn a nice button down shirt - but you can have them taken again tomorrow. Jackson said he had thought about that as he didn't like the tee-shirt he had on, he had planned on wearing his Jay and Silent Bob shirt (that should make Grandma VERY happy) - I was informed only ONE person wore a suit and tie and he was a big Dork. Since I don't want Jackson to have to join the Dork Protection Program and have to relocate I suppose I'll let it alone. He called Sam's and has an interview for Tuesday since he's getting his haircut on Monday.  Speaking of Dorkiness, David finally found me an exercise bike (used) and brought it home sight unseen. It's a brown and beige Huffy circa 1852 with a big rubber tire. Jackson finds it hilarious and thinks it needs a basket or something. Maybe I'll join the Dork Protection Program.


mosie1944 said...

Right now I don't own an exercise bike, but I've worn out two of them in the past.  And one was a Sears that was pretty well-built!  Eventually I'm going to have to buy myself a good one, because I know my knees won't let me walk as exercise forever.

quiltsnroses said...

The pictures are wonderful--you really have a good eye for what will make a good picture!  Have fun with your exercycle-I love to listen to my music and spin on mine but wish the seat was more comfortable-ouch!